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confort elevato
Today design really can mean savings and comfort. And 100% safety.
VetroVentilato® transforms a window from the weakest point thermally in a building to the strongest, because the system guarantees less heat loss than a wall.
VetroVentilato® creates a thermal and acoustic buffer in just 50 mm which protects the room from heat, cold and noise and as a result thermal insulation and soundproofing are of a higher standard than is required by stringent EU requisites.
VetroVentilato® means more comfortable living spaces and greater energy savings.

Aplication Example

Application of facade Aviation Institute of Forli
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Summer solution
in the summer it is conveyed directly outside the building, bringing about considerable savings in the use of air conditioning units.
Winter solution
How it works - Movie


in the winter it is reintroduced into the room to heat it, working alongside traditional heating systems.
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