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CNR- ITC  certification No. 2005.12.09.0094.
The Italian National Research Council (CNR) has stated that with VetroVentilato® windows go from being the weakest point thermally in a building to the strongest, because the system guarantees less heat loss than a wall.
VetroVentilato® creates a thermal and acoustic buffer which protects the room from heat, cold and noise. As a result, thermal insulation and soundproofing are of a higher standard than is required by stringent EU requisites.

U-value Ug 0.3 W / m2 K.
Noise reduction of 44 dB, with triple grazing.

The VetroVentilato® system has been compared to other glazing systems both experimentally and analytically. It has been tested experimentally at the ITC-CNR (Italian Institute for Building Technologies, part of the National Research Council) using the methodological approach of external test cells. The VetroVentilato® system has been tested analytically using EnergyPlus (a dynamic energy simulation programme developed by the United States Department of Energy in conjunction with the University of Illinois and the University of California).
Worldwide patent.
The savings, comfort and safety offered by VetroVentilato® are patented throughout the world.