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VetroVentilato®. A next generation glazing system.
VetroVentilato® is a dynamic triple glazing envelope system which features a built-in blind in the external cavity and a tangential fan which mechanically ventilates the internal cavity.

It can be fitted into traditional frames without having to make any alterations.

The triple glazing system is only 50 mm thick and a slim 25 mm with double glazing, which is fitted with a microperforated technical curtain.

VetroVentilato® is the ideal solution when glazing straightforward windows or more complicated curtain walls.

The size of the cavities, the type of pane, the features of the built-in blind and the way in which the system is set and adjusted are defined in the design and commissioning stages.

VetroVentilato® can be installed as a stand-alone system or work alongside other HVAC systems to deliver enhanced climate control.

The combined settings system allows you to monitor the main working parameters and to actively control the tangential fan and built-in blind to obtain top performance and ensure an optimum level of comfort in the environment.

Thanks to this versatility, designers can freely choose the right configuration for their clients: they have peace of mind that the system will fit in seamlessly with the other components in the building and maximise the energy performance of the building-system.