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Privacy Policy.

The name VetroVentilato® is a registered trademark of VetroVentilato® s.r.l. both in Italy and abroad.

You are advised that:
1) VetroVentilato® s.r.l. reserves the right to update the above trademark list without giving any prior notice;
2) This trademark list may not be complete, therefore, any distinctive signs on the website marked with the ® symbol, must be considered the sole property of VetroVentilato® s.r.l..

VetroVentilato® s.r.l.’s personal data processing policy.

1. Data processing - purpose and procedure.
VetroVentilato® s.r.l. hereby informs users of the website that the data collected will be utilised solely for the purposes specified hereunder, and in order to keep users up to date on VetroVentilato® s.r.l.’s news, promotions, offers and activities, in general:
a) direct marketing activities, including newsletters and/or other means of providing information;
b) informative activities;
c) market research or any other form of research deemed useful for the enhancement of our products and/or services;
The data collected will be processed in electronic format or hard copies. It will always be protected by appropriate, up-to-date security systems and stored in a secure, safe place, under supervision.

2. Mandatory or optional nature of data provision and consequences of refusal to reply.
Data provision is optional, except in those cases in which the data collected is necessary in order to put an agreement into effect, or for a service requested by the user. In these cases, the interested party’s refusal to provide the information requested will prevent VetroVentilato® s.r.l. from carrying out the service requested.

3. Recipients or categories of recipients, who may be provided with the data or may come into possession thereof as a result of their role as data controller or processor within the context of data propagation.
The personal information provided by the user will be disclosed to and used by VetroVentilato® s.r.l. employees for the sole purpose of carrying out the activities for which the data in question was collected (e.g. to provide a service and/or send out newsletters).

4. Data subject's rights.
Identification details of data controller and (if applicable) data officer. Instructions how to access the list of data officers.
The controller and custodian of the data collected is VetroVentilato® s.r.l., Via L. Longo, 105 – 47522 Cesena (FC) email, phone +39. 0547. 33 13 17. The parties concerned can contact the aforesaid controller and custodian to exert their rights in compliance with Paragraph 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, i.e. to:
1) ascertain the source of the personal data, data processing purposes and procedures, the logic applied in the event of data processed using electronic devices; the identification details of the data controller and the recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data;
2) have the data updated, corrected, added to, deleted or made anonymous, or blocked in the event of a breach, including therein data the storage of which is not required for the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently processed, in addition to the statement declaring that the operations requested (and their content) have been made known to whoever has been provided with or has received the data, except in the event that said fulfilment is impossible or would involve a disproportionate use of means with respect to the rights to safeguard;
3) refuse processing of their personal data, for lawful reasons, even though said information is relevant for the purposes of data collection, or refuse the processing of their personal data leading to the data subject being placed on a mailing list for advertising or direct sales purposes or for carrying out market research or for commercial communication means.
The declaration herein contains information on the regulations and directives to which VetroVentilato® s.r.l. adheres for matters regarding the processing of personal data supplied by users of the website
Since the website in question operates and is based in Italy, the user information and data will be processed by VetroVentilato® in compliance with the Italian legislation that implements Directives 95/46/EC and 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and Council, i.e. based on Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30th June 2003, and subsequent amendments and integrations.

On entering this site, you enter Italian territory and therefore accept the application of Italian law and the jurisdiction of the Italian courts. All images, text and trademarks in this website are the property of VetroVentilato® s.r.l.
According to Italian Copyright Law no. 633 dated 22nd April 1941, it is expressly forbidden to use:

1. the data and information contained in this website without the words: "copyright VetroVentilato® s.r.l.";
2. the photos, PDF images, electronic files and video footage contained in this website without the words "copyright VetroVentilato® s.r.l.". In any case, all and any use of materials belonging to VetroVentilato® s.r.l., is subject to the company’s prior approval.

In any case, all and any use of materials belonging to VetroVentilato® s.r.l. is subject to the company’s prior approval.
Any breach of the aforesaid legislation entitles the website owner to take action via the competent authorities in order to safeguard its rights.