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VetroVentilato® is much more than just glazing.
It is a system offering comfort, savings and added value.

U-value Uw 0,69 W / m2 K.


g-value 0,19.


Noise reduction of 44 dB, with triple glazing.


Glazing thickness: from 25 to 50 mm, depending on the application.


Higher standard of thermal insulation and soundproofing than required by stringent EU requisites.

Great energy savings.
Make considerable savings: on average 35%+  reduction in current heating and cooling costs.
VetroVentilato® allows you to use the hot air which collects in its cavities to increase the comfort level in the indoor environment. Thanks to external temperature sensors, the hot air is conveyed:
• in winter, inside the building,
• in summer, outside the building.

Smaller air conditioning and heating systems.

VetroVentilato® keeps the whole room at the same temperature in all weather conditions and means you can install smaller heating and air conditioning systems. This helps keep your initial investment and running costs to a minimum.
Makes more space available.
VetroVentilato® actually eliminates the dramatic changes in temperature you find near windows.
And with the same temperature throughout the room, you can make use of those spaces which would otherwise have been wasted.
All the spaces near the windows can now be put to good use.
Both in summer and in winter.
In a nutshell, VetroVentilato® increases the usable floor space, as well as guaranteeing energy savings and a new comfortable lifestyle.
No need for sun blinds and curtains 
and no more need to worry about allergens.
And you can say goodbye to curtains with VetroVentilato® because the system has a built-in blind.
So you no longer have to worry about allergens, finding the space for the curtains and washing them.
The room can be aired without having to open the glazing.

This revolutionary system also allows you to air the room without having to open the glazing, keeping the dust, noise, heat and cold out. And the environment is decidedly healthier.

No more condensate on the panes.

No more condensate or ice on the inner pane.

Natural light.

Thanks to clear glass and the absence of shaded glazing and curtains.

Easy to maintain.
Easy access to the ventilated cavity for inspection and cleaning.
Environmentally friendly.
VetroVentilato® noticeably increases your level of "perceived" comfort – a step in the right direction in our commitment to respecting the environment. With its reduced energy consumption, the system makes more efficient use of our dwindling natural resources and helps safeguard our precarious balance with nature.
Considerable rise in property value.
The VetroVentilato® system gives added value to any building and will increase its value considerably over the years.